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Acousto-optic beam deflectors (AOBD) provide precise spatial control of an optical beam, whether performing 1D or 2D scanning or executing beam deflection through a fixed angle.


Our acousto-optic beam deflectors offer highly uniform diffraction efficiency across the full scan angle, with consistent power throughput for scanning applications like material processing and digital imaging.

In an AO beam deflector, an RF acoustic wave diffracts light as it passes through the crystal. The angle of beam deflection can be varied or scanned by maintaining the power of the acoustic wave constant and varying its frequency. The total possible beam deflection is small, typically no more than several degrees, allowing a few hundred to up to roughly two thousand spots (or 1/e intensity level overlapping beam diameters) to be resolved over this angular range. The scan time can be as fast as a few microseconds.
The total number of resolvable spots is defined by the time needed for the acoustic wave to traverse the optical beam within the AO crystal (specified as access time) and operating frequency bandwidth.G&H offer a wide range of standard beam deflectors and RF drivers for wavelengths from 266-1500 nm.
The G&H acousto-optic beam deflection product line includes:
  • Visible and NIR wavelength products based on tellurium dioxide crystals, grown in-house
  • UV wavelength products based on fused silica and crystal quartz
  • Broad bandwidth products based on a longitudinal mode approach using a phased array of piezoelectric elements
  • High efficiency products based on slow shear beam deflection using parallel tangents off-axis interactions
Selecting the right RF driver is important to achieve the desired scanning speed and accuracy. Beam deflectors used in scanning or writing applications require a variable frequency source which is both stable and highly linear.
We provide customized AO beam deflection solutions or multi-channel beam deflectors with high speed for volume OEM applications.

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