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FlexCell® electrochemical cell

Analytical cell with well defined and optimized geometric parameters, allowing to obtain precise and comparable measurement results. It is perfect for classical voltammetry as well as for corrosion studies, battery cells, gas diffusion electrodes and many others.


The cell was designed so that the working and counter electrodes are parallel to each other, while the reference electrode (Mini-HydroFlex) is located in a separate reservoir connected with the main one via a drilled Haber-Luggin capillary. In this way, all relevant distances are kept with subsequent measurements.


The cell has a gas compartment to study gas diffusion electrodes which supplies the working electrode with gas without being flooded with the electrolyte. The cell can be made of polypropylene (PP) or Teflon (PTFE). Both variants are resistant to environments with a pH range of -6 to 16. The volume of the electrolyte is approx. 30 ml.


Both variants can operate at elevated temperatures. There are drillings on the back of the test cells in which appropriate heating elements can be inserted. The contact is made via 4 mm banana sockets. The temperature control takes place via a Pt100-probe. The maximum operating temperatures are:

  • for polypropylene cell (PP): 80°C
  • for teflon cell (PTFE): 150°C



  • max. sample size (working electrode): 3 x 5 cm
  • max. sample thickness: 10 mm
  • active area: 3 cm2
  • electrolyte volume: ok. 30 ml
  • cell dimensions (w/o screws and fittings): 75 x 100 x 132 mm
  • dimensions of analyte compartments: 75 x 100 x 30 mm (12 ml elektrolitu)
  • gasket material: silicone
  • o-ring material: EPDM
  • counter electrode: Pt-Ir


Available products:

  • G-FLEXCELL/PP - FlexCell made of polypropylene
  • G-FLEXCELL/PTFE - FlexCell made of teflon
  • G-COMP/PP - additional analyte compartment (PP) for membrane studies
  • G-COMP/PTFE- additional analyte compartment (PTFE) for membrane studies



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