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BCS-8XX series

The BCS-8xx series Battery Cycling System is the newest line of advanced battery cyclers introduced by Bio-Logic. It is designed as a modular system that addresses the expanding needs of the industrial battery cycling market by providing superior specifications and capability for an investment that gives new meaning to the term exceptional value and brings a completely new quality to the battery market.


All BCS-8xx modules come in a standard 19” format for rack mounting and are composed of 8 independent channels allowing a user to run simultaneous experiments with 18-bit  current and voltage resolution.


Every BCS-8xx module comes with a built-in FRA that allows for EIS studies over the frequency range from 10 kHz to 10 mHz on each channel in either galvano- or potentio- mode. BCS-8xx series covers a wide current range from single µA up to 120 A depending on model (BCS-815, BCS-810 and BCS-805).


Each BCS-8xx module has analog/digital inputs and outputs which can be used to control and communicate with an external device. The BCS-815 and BCS-810 battery cyclers are equipped with dedicated K-type thermocouple inputs for each channel.


Depending on the current required, three modules are available:

  • BCS-815 (up to +/-15 A; up to +/-120 A in parallel mode)

  • BCS-810 (up to +/- 1.5 A)

  • BCS-805 (up to +/-150 mA)



All BCS-8xx series instruments are controlled by our BT-Lab – a powerful software suite based on our industry-leading EC-Lab software. In BT-Lab software, all of the main battery parameters are automatically processed and displayed on-line in real time. It is provided with the unit at no additional cost.


Each channel can be individually controlled from a different computer over the local network, while many units can be controlled and monitored from the same instance of the BT-lab software. Your operations can be very flexible and your managers will be able to monitor channel status without leaving their desk, or interrupting your technicians’ work on the lab workstation.



  • High quality EIS: Full scan from 10 kHz to 10 mHz
  • 18-bit A/D converter (40 µV resolution)
  • High Precision Coulometry measurement down to 6.3 ppm
  • Current options from few nA to 120 A
  • Voltage measurement and application from 0 V to 9 V
  • Module mixing (BCS-805/810/815)
  • Powerful BT-Lab software interface
  • 2 ms acquisition time
  • Several cabinet sizes
  • Plug and play module installation



  • Battery testing      
    • Li-ion
    • Li-polymer
    • Li-Air
    • Lead Acid
    • Ni-Cd
    • Rechargeable Zn
    • Flow batteries
    • Ni-MH
  • Superkondensatory
  • Electronic component testing (4-point connection)



  • Cell cable from 25 cm to 10 m
  • K-type thermocouple probe for each channel (applies to BCS-810 and BCS-815)
  • Coin cell holder
  • Cylindrical battery holder
  • CC8 Current collector to set parallel mode (applies to BCS-815)



  • Rolling rack 19" (38U, 24U)
  • Benchtop 19" (12U, 6U)

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