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Hydrogen reference electrode

Platinum-hydrogen electrodes are the only reference electrodes which measure directly the hydrogen ions activity.


Hydrogen electrode HydroFlex®


The platinum-hydrogen electrode is crafted completely out of PTFE, what makes it suitable for the most demanding conditions and operating conditions: organic solvents, corrosive electrolytes, concentrated fluoride electrolytes, strongly acidic or strongly alkaline mediums (pH -2 to 16) or in high temperature. It is also a Hg-free electrode following RoHS recommendations.


The voltage is measured at the gold-plated socket (2 mm banana) in the electrode’s head. Device for measuring voltage should have an input resistance of 5 MOhm and more. It is a low-impedance electrode so shielded cables are not needed. The HydroFlex® can be used up to temperatures of 210°C as long as only the PTFE-shaft is exposed to those temperatures.


The electrode provides itself with hydrogen gas by an internal supply. Hydrogen is contained within a cartridge that is easily replaceable. The cartridge contains gas for 6 months. HydroFlex® electrode does not contain interior electrolyte thus there is no ion-discharge and no diffusion potentials.



Available products:


    • HydroFlex® Starter Kit, cat. no: G-HYDROFLEX-KIT


      - Hydrogen reference electrode incl. Hydrogen cartridge

      - connector lead

      - additional hydrogen cartridge

      - cartridge wrench

      - operating time wrench

  • Platinum-Hydrogen electrode, cat. no: G-HYDROFLEX
  • Hydrogen Cartridge, cat. no: G-HYDROFLEX-CARTRIDGE



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