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Ar-Ion lasers cover a broad spectrum in the blue and green spectral range, with emission lines from 454 nm to 514 nm, in single-wavelength and multiwavelength versions with output powers up to 225 mW.


All laser tubes have an internal mirror, vacuum-tight hard-sealed and integrated resonator construction optimizing the life time and power stability.


The laser mirrors are adjusted and fixed by a special, proprietary technology providing maintenance-free operation and no need for readjustment in the field. The LASOS laser modules are compact, economical and are available with several cooling options. All laser models can be provided with OEM power supplies, designed to meet the European and American standards with availability of approvals and certificates CDRH, IEC, CSA, CE, TÜV, UL.


For photo printing applications in the AGFA d-lab.2 and d-lab.3 printers, LASOS has developed dual line laser with emission at 454/ 458 nm and 514 nm, showing an excellent beam quality, beam pointing stability and long-term stability with low-noise operation. The lasers are designed for multipurpose solutions for scientific and OEM applications such as confocal laser scanning microscopy, DNA sequency, flow cytometry, analytical chemistry, fast-flow-rate particle measurements, digital imaging, medical, basic research or entertainment.


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