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QFM Quench-flow Module
The QFM-4000 Micro-Volume Quench Flow system is the latest in a long line of advanced mixing systems. The advanced desing of the QFM-4000 allows the measurement of chemical reaction rates from a few milliseconds to many seconds. The quench flow technique is widely recognized for analyzing enzymatic reactions, single turnover reactions, and DNA cleavages. It is also widely used to identify reaction intermediates.


With classical quench-flow technology, the user must carefully select a set of delay lines, or reaction loops, to reach the desired ageing times. The range od ageing times that can be achieved in each line is usually determined by the turbulent/laminar flow limit. Changing delay lines is usually easy, but can require very tedious calibration procedures for single drive intruments.


The QFM-4000 was designed around an innovative pushing method developed at Bio-Logic. The syringes are driven by independently micro-processor controlled stepping motors. Each precision motor allows 6400 steps per revolution, and provide sub-micro-liter precision for sample delivery. Following the syringe driver is unique mixing technology which generates turbulent flow from very low to very high mean flow rates. The overall results are outstanding: using a 3 μl delay line, the user can vary the ageing time from 3 ms to 10 seconds without changing delay lines or syringes. The QFM-4000 is the only quench flow mixer available with single delay line technology, and is a major breakthrough for quench-flow techniques.



  • Single mixing quench-flow application
  • 4 ms dead time
  • 10 µl of sample per experiment
  • Full recovery of sample
  • One delay line for full ageing time range
  • Easy operation
  • No calibration



  • Molecule radioactive labeling
  • protein folding: H/De exchanges
  • second messenger studies
  • conformational changes

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