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  • BioLogic


    Bio-Logic develops and manufactures Rapid-Kinetics instrumentation combining quality with innovation to produce instruments a step above the rest.

    The results of Company's efforts is production of the world’s first rapid filtration system and commercial stepping-motor driven stopped-flow units.

    Over 600 Bio-Logic rapid kinetics instruments have been installed worldwide. The reason for Company's success lies in the quality of manufactured instruments.

    More information on manufacturer website: www.biologic.net



    Laser technology, the motor of photonics, has become and will remain a vital part of global high-tech industry and scientific life. Relying on this prospective constellation, LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH, Jena was founded in 1996, taking over the Siemens and Zeiss laser know-how.

    LASOS has installed modern tools, automated equipment, clean room technology, advanced processes and recruited further technical skill for manufacturing lasers. The company objectives are to design, develop and manufacture air-cooled Argon-ion-lasers, Helium-Neon-lasers, solid-state lasers and diode-laser modules for the international market.

    LASOS development focuses on new technologies and introduced new product lines of solid-state lasers in addition to the gas lasers. Besides a wide range of standard products LASOS offers customized laser solutions and laser related optical sub-systems. Guided by its principles and professional management strategies, LASOS focuses on increasing customer benefit and profit by supplying high quality laser products and providing the best service.

    This is ensured by our quality assurance system and the certification according to TÜV ISO 9001.

    Design, process and application specialists are trained to support customized solutions in their special applications.

    Today, LASOS is the European leader in manufacturing gas lasers and the world's largest OEM supplier for laser scanning microscopy.

    More information on the Company's website: www.lasos.com



    Standa Ltd. was founded in Vilnius,  Lithuania in 1987 and now has more than 100 employees working at the company.  Standa has it's own industrial base that includes CNC turning, milling, grinding  machines. Standa's design department, while developing standard products  presented in Standa's catalogue (such as motorized and manual translation and  rotation stages, motion controllers, optical tables, vibration isolation systems, optical mounts and holders, optics, dpss lasers and etc.) also develops  the equipment for OEM customers. Standa currently has several laser  product development laboratories.

    In 2010-2011 Standa will continue their development and  production of diode pumped lasers. Standa products are distributed to more than 60 countries and  represented by more than 25 companies worldwide. Many of Company's products emerge  from close relationship and conversation with customers.



    VIGOR Tech USA is a Comapny which manufactures gloveboxes and gas purification systems. Vigor offers high quality gloveboxes with patented double seal technology assuring very low leakage rate in offered products. Customized products are also available.

    More information on manufacturer website: www.vigor-glovebox.com



    Located in Canada's capital city of Ottawa and established in 1985, OZ Optics Limited is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks. In addition to designing and manufacturing components and test equipment for fiber optics markets, the company offers award-winning fiber optic sensor systems for remote monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, wells, refineries, bridges, dams and other large structures, security fences and for fire detection. OZ Optics manufactures its products in three locations, Ottawa, Canada, Izmir, Turkey and Jiaxing, China. Seven different product groups are marketed and sold globally to over 10,000 customers in over 60 countries, through the well-established and extensive network of sales representatives and distributors, as well as through direct customer engagement.

    Fiber optic product lines include: Components for OE Packaging, Attenuators, Laser-to-Fiber Delivery Components, Polarization Maintaining Components, Test Equipment, Fiber Optic Sensors, High Power Components, and Fiber Optic Components for OCT Applications. By leveraging the technology and expertise gained since its inception, OZ Optics has attracted a broad range of customers in the telecommunications, cable television, medical, military, security, industrial, construction, aerospace, power utilities, petrochemical and educational sectors.

    Products are based on proprietary technology, trade secrets and patents. OZ Optics was the first company to introduce polarization maintaining fiber optic components, test equipment and visual fault locators to the marketplace, and it was also the first company to integrate wireless technology into its designs of remote fiber optic measurement systems and instruments. Over its 27-year history, its peers in the industry and in the community have recognized OZ Optics with numerous awards for innovation and achievement, including most recently the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensor.

    OZ Optics is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

    More information on the Company's website: www.ozoptics.com



    The product portfolio of German Company LASER COMPONENTS contains various lasers, detectors and other optical and electro-optical components and modules of many well selected international manufacturers, complemented by the own line of products, that are being manufactured at three different locations within German and two facilities in Northern America.

    More information on the Company's website: www.lasercomponents.com



    Anest Iwata was founded on May 1, 1926 in Toyosawa, Japan, by brothers Hatsutaro and Sukezo Iwata. The company was engaged in the production and sale of the first spray guns
    1928 Start of sales of the first air compressors
    1985 Start of research and development of scroll pumps
    1993 Introduced to the market the first scroll pump in the world

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