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BioLogic’s BluQCM QSD system is a new, high-end, single channel, Quartz Crystal Microbalance with energy dissipation monitoring, using acoustic sensing principle.


The acoustic sensing principle is based on the precise detection of changes on the properties of an acoustic (mechanical) wave traveling through the bulk or the surface of the acoustic wave sensor.


The BluQCM system allow a real-time and sensitive monitoring of surface-bound interactions, such as adsorption and desorption processes, characterization of molecular interactions, protein conformational changes and electrochemically-driven mass changes. The BluQCM technology is based on the acoustic wave sensing principle, which enables an accurate detection of mass and structural changes on the sensor surface via dissipation measurements. The system can be coupled to a BioLogic potentiostat/galvanostat to perform electrochemical QCM measurements in the same software. The platform is versatile, allowing the use of different types of acoustic wave sensors, including up to 150 MHz High Fundamental Frequency (HFF) sensors and 5 MHz to 10 MHz sensors. The platform can also include high accuracy temperature and flow control for applications sensitive to temperature and requiring the renewal of liquid medium.
This instrument allow dissipation determination and measurements at multiple overtones for a comprehensive description of the properties of the surface.


Basic specifications:

  • measurements: QCM, QCM-D, eQCM
  • frequency range: 4 - 160 MHz
  • up to 7 overtones measurement
  • working in liquid and air
  • best mass sensitivity in liquid: 50 pg/cm2
  • best energy dissipation sensitivity: 10-7
  • optional temperature control in 15 - 45°C range
  • optional flow control system


Available cells and sensors:






















  • Electrochemical flow cell for HFF sensors (cat. no AW-FEQ01HQ)
  • Electrochemical flow cell for 14 mm sensors (cat. no AW-FEQ01Q)
  • Electrochemical in-batch cell for HFF sensors (cat. no AW-BEQ01HQ)
  • Electrochemical in-batch cell for 14 mm sensors (cat. no AW-BEQ01Q)
  • Electrochemical in-batch cell for 1" sensors (cat. no AW-BEQ02Q)
  • Hermetic Li research in-batch cell for 14 mm electrodes (cat. no AW-BEQLIQ)
  • In-batch probe electrochemical cell for 14 mm sensors (cat no. AW-PEQ11Q)
  • Flow cell for HFF sensors (cat. no AW-FQ01HQ)
  • Flow cell for LOVE-SAW sensors (cat. no AW-FQ01L)
  • Flow cell for 14 mm sensors (cat. no AW-FQ01Q)
  • In-batch cell for HFF sensors (cat. no AW-BQ01HQ)
  • In-batch cell for LOVE-SAW sensors (cat. no AW-BQ01L)
  • In-batch cell for 14 mm sensors (cat. no AW-BQ01Q)
  • In-batch cell for 1" sensors (cat. no AW-BQ02Q)


Available HFF sensors:

  • 150 MHz, Cr/Au electrode
  • 100 MHz, Cr/Au electrode
  • 50 MHz, Cr/Au electrode


Available 14 mm WRAPPED sesnors:

  • 10 MHz, C electrode
  • 10 Mhz, Ti/Au electrode
  • 10 MHz, Cr/Au electrode
  • 10 MHz, Pt electrode
  • 5 MHz, Cr/Au/SiO2 electrode
  • 5 MHz, Ti/Au electrode
  • 5 MHz, Cr/Au electrode


Available 1" sensors:

  • 9 MHz, Ti/Au electrode
  • 9 MHz, Cr/Au electrode
  • 5 MHz, Pt electrode
  • 5 MHz, Ti/Au electrode
  • 5 MHz, Cr/Au electrode


Available LOVE-SAW sensors:

  • 120 MHz, Cr/Au electrode



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