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Scroll Pumps

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Scroll vacuum pumps from the Japanese brand Anest Iwata



No Contamination Risk: Dry vacuum pumps do not use any lubricating fluid, which eliminates the risk of contamination from oil or other liquids in the vacuum system. This makes them suitable for applications where contamination is a concern, such as in semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceutical industries.

Low Maintenance: Dry vacuum pumps typically have lower maintenance requirements because they don’t require regular oil changes or fluid monitoring. This can result in cost savings and reduced downtime.

Environmental Friendliness: Dry vacuum pumps are more environmentally friendly because they do not use oil, reducing the risk of oil emissions or disposal issues. This is particularly important in applications where environmental regulations are stringent.

Energy Efficiency: Dry vacuum pumps can be more energy-efficient because they don’t need to generate a continuous supply of oil mist or vapor. This can lead to reduced energy consumption and operating costs.

Versatility: Dry vacuum pumps can handle a wider range of gases and vapors compared to wet pumps. They are suitable for applications where the composition of the process gas may change frequently.

Lower Risk of Pump Backstreaming: Wet pumps may experience issues with backstreaming of oil vapors into the vacuum chamber, which can contaminate the process. Dry pumps are less susceptible to this problem.

Reduced Noise and Vibration: Dry vacuum pumps are generally quieter and produce fewer vibrations compared to some wet vacuum pump designs, making them more suitable for applications where noise and vibration control is essential.

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