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MOS-200 & MOS-200/M

MOS-200 & MOS-200/M

Rapid-Kinetics UV-Visible and Fluorescence optical system - simple and  optimized, the first choice for stopped-flow absorbance and fluorescence measurements.

The MOS-200 uses a Xe or Xe(Hg) 150 Watts light source attached to a manual  monochromator on an optical bench.



The connection to the Bio-Logic Stopped-Flow is done through a fiber optic  specially designed to match the Stopped-Flow cuvette dimensions.

The signal detection is performed by a photomultiplier directly mounted on the  Stopped-Flow and connected to its control unit.


The photomultiplier can be attached at 180° of the light source or at 90°  allowing absorbance or fluorescence measurements (both at the same time using an  optional additional detection channel). For fluorescence measurements, standard  filters can be installed in front the photomultiplier tube inside the holder.

The MOS-200/M has the simplicity of the MOS-200 and a motorized excitation  monochromator for automatic spectral reconstruction.

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