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9200+ SAPPHIRE series

The Sapphire Plus is an upgraded version of our standard Sapphire Pulse  Generators. It can be purchased as a new instrument or customers may  also field upgrade their existing sapphire units.



With the Sapphire Plus, intruments will have better performance but  still retain great value. These units are perfect for those on a budget  but looking for more precise resolution and jitter.


  • 5 ns Resolution
  • < 50 ps RMS Jitter
  • “Virtual” channel timers
  • Up to 20MHz external trigger rate
  • Fast Rise Time, <2ns
  • Optional 1ppm oscillator
  • Wireless Option Via Bluetooth
  • Full Customer Support
  • 2 Year Warranty

PHONE: +48 22 622 20 14

E-MAIL: office@lambdasystem.pl

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