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Electrode polishing kit

Electrode polishing kit

PK-3 kit allows for electrode polishing in order to remove redox reaction products accumulated on its surface. The polishing maintains a good condition of working electrode during voltamperometric neasurements.


With repeated electrochemical redox reaction experiments, the adhesion of the experimental products on to the electrode surface, and the electron transfer rate is attenuated gradually. If the electron transfer speed becomes slow, the difference between peak potentials for oxidation and reduction will broaden.


Catalog number of the kit: A-011975



  • 0.05 µm polishing alumina (20 ml)
  • 1 µm polishing diamond (10 ml)
  • alumina polishing pads (10 pcs.)
  • diamond polishing pads (10 pcs.)
  • glass baseplate


Each element of the kit content can pe purchased separately:

  • A-001050- 0.05 µm polishing alumina (20 ml)
  • A-002054- 1 µm polishing diamond (10 ml)
  • A-001040 - alumina polishing pads (20 pcs.)
  • A-001041 - diamond polishing pads (20 pcs.)
  • A-002249 - glass baseplate


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