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BioLogic VSP-3e

BioLogic VSP-3e

Multipotentiostat tailor-made for energy research. Up to 8 independent channels with 1 A current range on each channel.


Powered by EC-Lab, the advanced, ergonomic software that has earned itself the reputation as a benchmark for potentiostat/galvanostat control software, the VSP-3e boasts a wide range of unique functionality. Only EC-Lab enables users to build and modify experiments incrementally with “modify-on-the-fly” as well as give users the choice to plan their experiment from a vast array of technical presets.


Energy-specific functionality unique to Bio-Logic includes:

  • Fast CCCV shift (constant current, constant voltage)
  • Stack mode (follow individual elements in the pack)
  • BCD (Battery capacity determination)
  • Automatic plotting for Coulombic efficiency


A compact, upright design reduces the instrument’s footprint and saves space in the laboratory and users can choose from independent channel or multi-electrode (CE to GND mode) configurations (a feature unique to Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostats) opening up new scientific research opportunities and enabling users to tailor electrode configurations to their application of choice.



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